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Penguin Finance

Penguin Finance
The leading gamified DeFi hub in Avalanche
A team comprises experts in different disciplines
Team size
2 developers


Penguin Finance helps you maximize your yield through a full-fledged ecosystem with yield-aggregation, farming, staking, fundraising, and gaming dApps.

Project background

The project began in 2021, when Penguin Finance needed a dedicated software engineer from a credible offshore IT staffing company to assist them with the requirements of a rapidly developing project.

Penguin Finance had several specific requirements to meet at the time

  • Senior ReactJS developer
  • Experience with crypto and DeFi
  • Experience with speed optimization
  • Experience in web game development

Our solution

Our main focus was find a developer who can match their expectations but also had previous experience with crypto projects and game development which is pretty tough task to handle. We had a pool of candidates and had to make over 20 interviews until we have found right candidate. He didn't have commercial experience in building games but he had his pet projects which were enough to pass.

team achivment

After a year, the team has made the following achievements

Hired rare developer profile

Built frontend as per design

Implemented integration with blockchain and backend

Refactored the old legacy code

Could work on weekends when they needed hot fixes

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Technology stacks

GitLab CI/CD
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What client said

team composition

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Customer alignment

Appvales, in supporting the client, not only takes care of the whole recruitment process but also ensures that the client can save their resources for core activities by receiving additional benefits from us:

Regular technical training

Appvales regularly conducts training sessions on the latest technology trends and supports the team on changing technology requirements from the client

Continuous improvement

We also proactively propose improvements in the development process to help the client save time and expense on operation activities

Real-time communication

We guarantee easy and real-time communication because all dedicated team members work in the same time zone as the client

Sharing our expertise

Appvales actively assigns experts to accompany the dedicated team when training is needed

CTO as a service

We also offer CTO level alignment and are open to sharing innovative ideas outside the Sunbytes dedicated team