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Voyage Control

Voyage Control
Logistics Software
A team comprises experts in different disciplines
Team size
4 - Developers, 1 - Project Manager


Voyage Control is a SaaS platform developed to give transport hubs with high delivery throughput real-time capabilities for managing bookings, on-site resources, and supply chain analytics.

Project background

The project began in 2021, when Voyage Control needed a dedicated software engineer from a credible offshore IT staffing company to assist them with the requirements of a rapidly developing project.

Voyage Control had several specific requirements to meet at the time

  • Rewrite their legacy codebase from Angular to React
  • High demand from their clients to build custom features
  • Work in a flexible and agile way to ensure fast delivery

Our solution

Thanks to our dedication and commitment to the project in the earlier days, our partnership with the client blossomed steadily. With the assistance of Sunbytes, the Organic team has expanded the project from one offshore developer into a current full-stack dedicated team of 9 members. These experts were chosen from top-tier talent pools in both Vietnam and the Netherlands, and our clients capitalize on their abilities.In our collaboration with James Swanston, founder and CEO of Voyage Control, we achieved a remarkable synergy, forming agile, multi-disciplinary teams tailored to enhance key Voyage Control initiatives. These teams are tailored to spearhead essential projects at Voyage Control, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and bespoke solutions. In the Ports platform, our expertise shone through the development of a software solution that revolutionized marine terminal operations, significantly enhancing container movement efficiency. Simultaneously, in the Construction application, we introduced a cutting-edge digital tool that masterfully streamlines on-site logistics, delivery scheduling, and resource allocation. This two-pronged approach not only optimized operational workflows but also set new benchmarks in logistical management, reflecting our dedication to delivering excellence and transformative results for Voyage Control.

While the dedicated team initially focused solely on migration, the team has expanded to include many aspects of the client’s business operations, such as Email Marketing and DevOps, as well as numerous ideas to improve the system that help clients generate a lot of income.

team achivment

After a year, the team has made the following achievements

Rewrote their product from Angular to React

Provided 2 developers within a week and hired 2 more within the next 2 weeks

Speeded up delivery to production by x1.5 times

Improved client's Delivery Management and Quality Assurance

Integrated our Solution Architect to help with some major architectural issues

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Technology stacks

GitLab CI/CD
Rest Api
Drop & Drag

What client said

APPVALES has provided useful insights on making everything happen smoothly without using too many resources. Their team has also organized their work as we expected. Moreover, they impress us with their professionalism, promptness, and high-level technical solutions.

James Swanston
CEO & Founder, Voyage Control

team composition

Back End
Front End
Project Management
Drop & Drag

Customer alignment

Voyage Control continued their growth and saved their resources for core activities by receiving additional benefits from us.

Regular technical training

Appvales regularly conducts training sessions on the latest technology trends and supports the team on changing technology requirements from the client

Continuous improvement

We also proactively propose improvements in the development process to help the client save time and expense on operation activities

Real-time communication

We guarantee easy and real-time communication because all dedicated team members work in the same time zone as the client

Sharing our expertise

Appvales actively assigns experts to accompany the dedicated team when training is needed

Real-time communication

We also offer CTO level alignment and are open to sharing innovative ideas outside the Appvales dedicated team