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Akwa GGZ
Mental Health Care Service
A team comprises experts in different disciplines
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Akwa GGZ stands for alliance quality in mental health care and is a quality institute initiated by mental health care organizations. Together with patients, their loved ones and professionals, Akwa works on continuous quality improvement of care. Akwa GGZ is financed from the Quality Funds program of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and ZonMw. Patient associations, professional associations and mental health sector organizations are represented within the alliance. Akwa GGZ is a foundation with 29 employees and has a quality council, board and supervisory board.

Project background

The project began in 2022, when AkwaGGZ needed a dedicated software engineer from a credible offshore IT staffing company to assist them with backend development in Python (FastAPI).

AkwaGGZ had several specific requirements to meet at the time

  • Strong senior skills in Python
  • Experience with Fast APIĀ 
  • European timezone

Our solution

Appvales had available senior python developer onboard by the time AkwaGGZ reached out for help. There were 2 stages of the interview and our engineer passed both. It was a 6-months commitment to help Akwa with their backlog of tasks.

team achivment

After a year, the team has made the following achievements

Assigned suitable developer within a week

Onboarded to the team and learnt the codebase within 5 days

Decreased response time by 2

Finished all tasks on time as per estimation

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Technology stacks

GitLab CI/CD
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What client said

team composition

Back End
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Customer alignment

AkwaGGZ continued their growth and saved their resources for core activities by receiving additional benefits from us.

Regular technical training

Appvales regularly conducts training sessions on the latest technology trends and supports the team on changing technology requirements from the client

Continuous improvement

We also proactively propose improvements in the development process to help the client save time and expense on operation activities

Real-time communication

We guarantee easy and real-time communication because all dedicated team members work in the same time zone as the client

Sharing our expertise

Appvales actively assigns experts to accompany the dedicated team when training is needed

Real-time communication

We also offer CTO level alignment and are open to sharing innovative ideas outside the Appvales dedicated team