MathematikTutor helps you get better at math, no matter what level you start at
A team comprises experts in different disciplines
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MatematikTutor is a new online helper in math! MatematikTutor helps people to get better at math, no matter what level you start at. An easy-to-use eLearning App for interactive and easy math learning using the latest technologies.

Project background

The project began in 2021, when MatematikTutor needed a dedicated react native engineer from a credible offshore IT staffing company to assist them with mobile development of their MVP.

MatTutor had several specific requirements to meet at the time:

  • Middle React Native Developer
  • Experience with Firebase
  • European timezone
  • Perfect English

Our solution

Appvales found a few candidates within a couple of days after the client's request. The client interviewed two candidates and chose the best suitable one. We could negotiate the quick start with the candidate and we could onboard within a couple of days.

team achivment

After a year, the team has made the following achievements

Assigned suitable developer within a week

Built whole MVP from scratch

Successfully launched the app on Apple and Google Markets

Implemented the whole redesign of the app after the initial launch

Worked for one year until the client decided to build their internal team

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Technology stacks

GitLab CI/CD
React Native
Drop & Drag

What client said

Clear, professional communication made APPVALES stand out from the very beginning of the engagement. This paved the way to a strong working relationship that ensured the successful and timely completion of the app. The team was also responsive and ready to fix any issues at hand.

Andreas Piculell
CTO @ Edaptio

team composition

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Customer alignment

MatematikTutor continued their growth and saved their resources for core activities by receiving additional benefits from us:

Regular technical training

Appvales regularly conducts training sessions on the latest technology trends and supports the team on changing technology requirements from the client

Continuous improvement

We also proactively propose improvements in the development process to help the client save time and expense on operation activities

Real-time communication

We guarantee easy and real-time communication because all dedicated team members work in the same time zone as the client

Sharing our expertise

Appvales actively assigns experts to accompany the dedicated team when training is needed

Real-time communication

We also offer CTO level alignment and are open to sharing innovative ideas outside the Appvales dedicated team