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The Humanode network bases its infrastructure on human biometrics.  Instead of PoW and PoS, Humanode utilizes the combination of Proof-of-Uniqueness and Proof-of-Existence. Combined with blockchain, it creates the first ever human-based digital verification layer.  Human nodes are created through crypto-biometric authentication which is a combination of cryptographically secure matching and liveness detection mechanisms to verify uniqueness and existence of real human beings.

Project background

The project began in 2022 when Humanode was looking for Project Manager and Frontend Developer from trusted offshore vendor.

Humanode had several specific requirements to meet at the time: 

  • Help  with their Web and Desktop Apps
  • Management of their Cryptography, Dev and Design teams
  • Constant and predictable delivery

Our solution

Appvales had both PM and Frontend developer to assign to the project from start. We passed all necessary interviews and got a green light from the client to start working. We organized their PM process by introducing the whole new agile methodology based on flexible communication and reports. Frontend developer was able to accomplished all tasks and fix all bugs.

team achivment

After a year, the team has made the following achievements

Improved project management and delivery processes across client's teams

Developed desktop app and couple of web apps that supports their infrustructure

Successfully launched all testnets and final launch of the blockchain

Helped with recruiting more specialists to their team over time

Involved our CTO to help the client with some of their techical challenges

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Customer alignment

Humanode continued their growth and saved their resources for core activities by receiving additional benefits from us.

Regular technical training

Appvales regularly conducts training sessions on the latest technology trends and supports the team on changing technology requirements from the client

Continuous improvement

We also proactively propose improvements in the development process to help the client save time and expense on operation activities

Real-time communication

We guarantee easy and real-time communication because all dedicated team members work in the same time zone as the client

Sharing our expertise

Appvales actively assigns experts to accompany the dedicated team when training is needed

CTO as a service

We also offer CTO level alignment and are open to sharing innovative ideas outside the Appvales dedicated team