The Best Places to Hire a Mobile App Developer

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February 4, 2024
The Best Places to Hire a Mobile App Developer

Founding a tech startup can be exciting but also stressful. If you know you want your business to include a mobile app, you have to consider how to create it.

Luckily, the best place to hire mobile app developers isn’t that far away. Appvales is an excellent app development company with a fantastic track record.

Keep reading to learn more about finding mobile app developers.

Best Websites to Find Mobile App Developers

The internet is the best place to hire mobile app developers. You can find a mobile developer in the same city or on the other side of the world, so you can choose from the best application developers.

Whether you want to hire a freelancer, a development company, or an employee, looking for a mobile app developer isn’t easy. But you can use one or multiple websites to find someone.

Then, you can make sure the developer you hire has the skills you need to build your app. Consider where to find app developers in your community and all over the world.


Upwork can be a great place to find a mobile developer. You can post the job and fill out the job description. Freelancers on the platform can submit proposals, and you can go over them.

The platform also lets you invite freelancers to your job if you find someone you want to hire. Either way, you can choose the best candidate, and you can work through the platform.

Posting a job on Upwork is free, but the platform doesn’t vet developers. While some top app creators use Upwork, you may have to weed through a lot of beginner proposals.


Another freelance platform to consider is Toptal, which only accepts 3% of developers who apply. If you want to make sure you hire a successful mobile app developer, this is a good place to start.

Toptal provides a representative to manage your project and keep things on track. That way, you don’t have to spend time on project management, so you can work on other tasks.

Now, you may need to pay more than average, but that extra cost is worth the quality. Toptal makes looking for a mobile app developer much less stressful.


PeoplePerHour can be a great website to find a developer to build an app. Prices can range from low to high, and the platform focuses on hiring freelancers.

When you hire someone on PeoplePerHour, the platform helps manage the entire project. They can handle invoicing and payment, and they’ll hold the payment in escrow for you.

You can post a job on PeoplePerHour, or you can search for freelancers with the skills you want. Then, you can hire a programmer to make an app that you love.


You can also find mobile app developers on WeWorkRemotely. This site lets you post a job, and it’s a great way to find some of the top app creators in the world.

Unfortunately, posting a job on WeWorkRemotely is pretty expensive. However, they get over three million visitors each month, so you can find app developers online pretty easily.

The website offers a job description template and tips for creating a description. That can help you improve the chances of finding the best app developer for your project.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a popular website among developers, and it includes a jobs section. App developers can use the platform to find jobs, so it’s a great place to post your project.

The community has plenty of great app developers, so you can attract fantastic candidates. However, the website doesn’t vet people, so you will have to do that yourself.

Still, you can set your budget and find app developers who can work with you. Then, you can get your project off the ground, and you can build an excellent app.


Clutch is an excellent website to use when looking for a mobile app developer. The website features a directory of the best mobile app companies in the world.

You can search by location, industry, and budget, which can help you find and choose the right mobile app development company. If you want to work with a team of developers, Clutch is a great place to start your search.

Companies on the platform have a profile where you can learn more about the service. Then, you can contact and hire the company that you want.


GoodFirms is similar to Clutch in that you can use it to find the best mobile app companies online. However, this website focuses on technology companies, instead of all business-to-business services.

When you visit the mobile app development section, the search feature lets you filter by country, rate, and team size. So you can find a freelance iPhone developer or hire a small agency.

The filters are a great way to narrow your search, especially since there are thousands of mobile app developers and companies on the site. Then, you won’t have to waste time finding the perfect company.


Appvales connects you with some of the best app developers in the world. The company focuses on integrating mobile app development with product teams to help you build your business.

With a focus on experience and service, Appvales is a great solution for business owners. While the best app makers in the world can create a good app, more goes into the development process.

Using Appvales offers their full attention to clients, so you can make sure your app development goes smoothly. You won’t have to worry about a freelance developer who stops responding to you after starting the project.


Another place to find app developers online is TechFetch. You can find developers at a range of price points, so it’s a great option for any budget.

The website has over a million tech resumes, so odds are good that you’ll find someone to work with. And if you’ve been looking for “web app developers near me,” TechFetch lets you search and post jobs by location.

Unfortunately, TechFetch charges a lot to post your job, so it may not be worth it for a smaller app. The company also doesn’t vet its candidates, so you’ll still have to review resumes and conduct interviews.

Fiverr Pro

If you want to find freelance Android app developers or iPhone developers, check out Fiverr and Fiverr Pro. Overall, Fiverr is a website that lets freelancers post their services, so you can view them and hire someone.

The general part of Fiverr tends to have cheap options, and anyone can post their services. However, Fiverr Pro does vet freelancers, and the rates are higher, so you can get a good quality app.

When you find someone you want to hire, you can message them to make sure they can do what you need. You’ll purchase the services and communicate through Fiverr, so you don’t need to give out payment details or contact information.


Hired makes it easy to find the best app developers out there. You can create a company profile and post a job. Job seekers on the platform tend to choose the jobs that speak to them, rather than with the best pay, so you can find a good match.

When you find someone you want to hire, you can send them an interview request, or you can bookmark them for later. Hired claims it can help you find a mobile developer in less than a month.

The app developers on Hired have a lot of experience, but it may be hard to find people in some niches. If you don’t have a specific niche requirement, you may be able to find someone.


If you want to focus on remote mobile developers, AngelList may be right for you. You can create an account to recruit top talent from over the world or in a specific city.

Over 100,000 startups use AngelList to find developers and other workers. The platform is also a great place to find venture capital, so you can grow your business and app more easily.

Pricing can vary based on the developer you hire, so don’t be afraid to create an account. Then, you can get a better idea of the app developers available on AngelList.


If you want to focus on hiring app developers in the USA, Dice is an excellent website. It only caters to USA-based people, so you can make sure you find excellent app developers.

The site will promote jobs to 3,000 partners for a month, so you can get your job plenty of exposure. They focus on tech jobs, which means you don’t have to sift through tons of categories.

You can find low and high prices on the site, and some regions of the USA don’t have as much representation. Still, Dice is an excellent resource for where to find app developers.


X-Team is a great place to find a team of app developers. When you hire a team from them, you can still manage the project, and you can give directions to your development team.

Using X-Team is great if you want to onboard and start building your app soon. It’s also fantastic for after the initial development because the team can help you scale your app.

Now, it’s not the best place to find developers with industry expertise. But it can be useful if you don’t want to spend days or weeks looking for a mobile app developer.


Another place to hire a development team is DevTeam.Space. The website vets all of its teams, so you can hire experts in the field to create your app.

Teams use AI-powered agile software, and they can create apps for various industries. While you can start with a team, you can also start with one developer to make sure DevTeam.Space is the right platform for you.

But you can’t hire a freelance developer, so it’s not the best for a smaller development project. However, that does mean you can keep working with the same team as you scale your app.

If you want to hire a developer to work on your app and future updates, might be for you. The platform accepts developers after they pass assessments on code and work style. can match you with developers who can meet your needs, and they can find candidates within a day or two. The cost to hire developers is about average, so you can make it work on most budgets.

However, only focuses on permanent hires, so it’s not the place to find freelance app developers. But if you want to hire someone as an employee, you may find the perfect candidate.

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs can be a great place for your job posting to get more exposure, but it’s not a job board itself. The search engine will index jobs from other websites, so job seekers can find opportunities more easily.

If you use keywords in your job title and description, your position may show up in a Google search. Then, Google can direct the interested applicant to your post.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t give you much control, and your job may not show up in Google. But you can optimize your job posting to increase the chances of Google picking it up.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a great place to find developers, designers, and other creative people. You can post a job for 30 days, and the website can even promote it on sites like WeWorkRemotely.

The website allows you to post full-time and freelance jobs, so you can get enough help for your project. If you don’t find a candidate or are otherwise unhappy, you can request a refund within 30 days.

You will have to wait for people to apply, and the site won’t match you with potential candidates. It can also be expensive to post a job, but it’s not as expensive as some websites.


Indeed is a general job board, but it’s a great place to post your app developer job. You can use the site to hire for a freelance position or a full-time developer.

The website lets you include a pay rate if you have one in mind, and you can look at resumes from relevant candidates. If you have to hire for other roles in your company, Indeed is fantastic.

However, you may have to face a lot of competition from other companies. Be sure to write a compelling job description to increase applications.

How to Find an App Developer

Knowing how to find an app designer involves more than finding an app developer website and choosing the first one you find. Some of the best mobile apps developers may not be on some websites.

Whether you’re searching for an “apps developer near me” or want to work remotely, you need to consider a few things. That way, you can make the most of outsourcing your app development.

Think about your app as you go through the steps of finding an iPhone app developer or Android developer.

Consider Your Needs

Before you hire a freelancer or an app developer company near me or on the other side of the world, consider your app idea. Think about the features or functions you want to add and how complex that will make your app.

Figure out which platform or platforms you want to create the app for. Would it be an iOS app developer or an Android app developer? Make sure whoever you hire can create an app for the operating system you want.

Another factor to consider is the technology you want to use when developing the app. Consider if you want to create each app natively for the respective operating system.

A hybrid app can be a good alternative because you only have to pay to create one app. But native apps may function better on iOS or Android.

Set a Budget

Next, you should determine your app development budget. Creating an app can be expensive, especially if you hire the best mobile app developers in the world.

If you have a budget for your entire business, you can look at it to determine how much you can spend on the app. Or you can create a budget specifically for this project so that you can keep your finances on track.

Using a budget can help you be realistic when looking for a mobile app developer. You can get someone with the experience you need, but you won’t run out of money before you can even launch the app.

Freelancer, Employee, Agency

Another thing to decide on is if you want to hire a freelance app developer, an employee, or a development agency. Hiring an individual freelancer can be more affordable, but it might take longer.

With an employee, you’ll have to pay salary and benefits, but you’ll have more control over their schedule. Meanwhile, a development agency will give you access to more people for your project.

But you may not have as much control over the team and when they get things done. Still, an agency can be great if you want to create your app more quickly.

Think about your preferences to decide which type of hire is right for your project. No one type of hire is right for all businesses or even all apps.

Contact a College or University

If you live near a college or university, you can contact their computer science or engineering department. Then, you can find a student or group of students or recent graduates who can work on your app.

Hiring a student or recent graduate can be a gamble. They may not have as much experience as someone else, but they also probably won’t charge as much as a senior developer.

You may also want to contact a college or university in another city if you’re willing to work remotely. That way, you can expand your talent pool to find the best app developers for you.

Either way, another option to consider is posting your job on the college’s job board. This job board targets students and alumni of that school. If you know of a good development program, you can limit your search to those students.

Ask Your Network

If you know other business owners who have developed an app, ask them for recommendations. Ask the other business owner about their experience with the developer, such as their communication style, pricing, and the project timeline.

When you get a recommendation, you can check out the app developer website of that developer. Then, you can view their portfolio and learn more about the person and their work style.

If you don’t have many business owners in your network, consider joining business Facebook groups. Many of these groups let you ask for recommendations, so you can get a few options fairly quickly.

You can follow the same steps of asking people about their experience. Then, you can view the websites of any developers that interest you to learn more.

Visit Freelance Networks

If you want to hire someone online, check out a few different freelance networks and websites where you can hire developers. Post a job or review available developers and services.

Look for good quality work, and make sure you vet the developers before hiring. Some websites let anyone post their services, so you may not get the best pool of candidates.

Using your own vetting process can ensure that you hire someone with the skills and experience to create the best app. That way, you’ll be proud to release the product to your audience.

Bottom Line on the Best Place to Hire Mobile App Developers

The best place to hire mobile app developers should include access to many great candidates. A portfolio or set of case studies can also give you an idea of what the work can look like.

Then, you can determine if you want to hire a developer from that site. If not, you can research other options until you find the best mobile developers for you.

Are you ready to hire mobile app developers from Appvales? Contact us to get started.