How to Find and Hire a Flutter Developer

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February 4, 2024
How to Find and Hire a Flutter Developer

Did you know that the app development platform Flutter has over 2 million users?

That’s because Flutter is one of the fastest-growing tools for app development. It’s quickly catching up to more well-known app development platforms.

Flutter’s main programming language, Dart, is comparable to more common programming languages like Java and Kotlin. Dart’s simplicity and ease of use make it attractive to every Flutter developer.

Flutter is modern, efficient, and relatively easy to use. That’s making it a good choice for startups that want to develop an app for their company.

If you’re the CEO or CTO of a quickly growing company, you should consider developing an app. People spend more time on their phones than ever before, and apps can help to improve customer engagement.

Besides that, apps are beneficial to your company’s marketing, research, and a whole lot more. You can develop apps for your business with companies like Appvales, a company with a proven track record for app development.

Where Do You Start?

Flutter is so new that hiring a Flutter developer can be tricky. What kinds of skills does a Flutter developer need? What interview questions should you ask? Is Flutter even a useful platform for app development?

We’re here to help you answer those questions. We’ll talk about the main benefits of Flutter, the skills that a Flutter developer needs, and how to hire a Flutter developer that will give you the app of your dreams.

Flutter Benefits

You’re wondering how to hire Flutter developers. But do you know all the benefits that Flutter has to offer? Here are the main reasons to consider Flutter as a platform for your mobile app.

Free and Open-Source

That’s right, Flutter is completely free and open-source.

That means that you can majorly cut down the costs of mobile app development by hiring developers who can use Flutter.

Plus, it’s open-source. That means that your developer can modify, redistribute, and modify the code. That gives your developers a lot of freedom during the development process.

Flutter Has One Codebase

Flutter only uses one programming language and one codebase, but it produces a native application.

The fact that Flutter produces native applications means that apps created with Flutter can easily be cross-platform. That means they run on both iOS and Android devices.

For customer engagement, it’s really important that your app runs on both iOS and Android devices. If you just pick one, you’re limiting your audience, and that can harm your business prospects.

Flutter Contains an SDK (Software Development Kit)

Flutter comes with a software development kit, which is a major perk. SDKs help developers get the job done.

That’s because SDKs are basically a set of tools that give your developers what they need to create a beautiful, functional app. That includes the tools that will compile the code so that it becomes native machine code.

Native machine code is what allows your app to work on both iOS and Android devices. That makes SDKs super important to Flutter’s main goals, and it’s one of the biggest benefits of using Flutter.

Flutter Contains a Framework

Flutter’s framework is a UI (User-Interface) Library. A UI Library is a collection of components that act like widgets.

These provide things like buttons, sliders, dialogs, text inputs, etc. The UI Library helps to personalize your app for your specific needs. It also makes it easier for the Flutter developers to design the app more quickly.

That’s because the components are already made, sitting in the UI Library. The developer doesn’t need to take the time to develop them. It’s already done for them.

Flutter is Simple

Coding with Flutter is easier than coding with Java.

Programming an app with Flutter also takes less code than programming an app with a different kind of programming language. That’s remarkable because Flutter produces a native application.

That means that developing with Flutter will give you an app that can be used on two platforms, but with less code. That’s a good deal.

Flutter Uses Hot-Reload Technology

Hot-Reload is one of Flutter’s main benefits.

Normally when a programmer writes code, he has to wait until he’s written all the code to compile it. That means that he can’t fix errors or solve problems in real time because he has to wait until the code is written.

Flutter’s Hot-Reload technology means that the code is compiled instantly, while the developer is writing it. In other words, a Flutter developer actually sees the changes in the app while he writes the code.

This changes the game for app development. Programming is quicker and easier with the Hot-Reload technology.

It’s Cheaper to Develop Apps with Flutter

That’s right. Choosing Flutter app development can save you money.

That’s because if you want your mobile app to be widely available and increase customer engagement, you need your app to be available for both iOS and Android. If it isn’t, you won’t reach as many people.

When you develop an app in the normal way, you have to hire developers who can write code for both iOS and Android apps. Hiring those extra developers costs extra.

Even if you manage to hire one developer who can create two different versions of the app, it’s going to take the developer more time. The extra time to develop the app will cost you even more.

With Flutter, you don’t need to develop two separate mobile apps, one for iOS and one for Android. The native application means that your developer creates one app, and that’s it!

Apps also require maintenance as time goes on. Every app needs to be updated over time, and if you have two separate apps for iOS and Android, you’ll need to spend twice as much on upkeep.

With Flutter, you’ll only be paying to maintain one app, not two.

Beautiful Design

Apps developed with Flutter have a characteristically simple and beautiful design.

Don’t believe us? Check out this example of a to-do list app that helps keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. This beautiful interface was designed with Flutter.


This benefit of Flutter is really important.

That’s because when a programmer develops code (especially for an innovative design), she can sometimes run into obstacles. To solve them, she needs documentation of others who have solved the same problems.

With a programming language like Java that has been around for a long time, there is lots of documentation to help programmers solve issues.

You might think that because Flutter is so new, there isn’t much documentation—but you would be wrong. The Flutter documentation is organized, detailed, and gives lots of examples.

Flutter app developers have plenty of documentation to draw from if they run into any problems during the development process.

What is a Flutter Developer?

At this point, you may be wondering, what is a Flutter developer anyway?

A full stack Flutter app developer is someone who develops mobile apps using Flutter, a UI toolkit that helps developers to create native applications. It can create apps for mobile, desktop, and the web.

Flutter was originally released in 2015 under the name “Sky.” At first, it could only create Android apps. But since then, it’s been re-released as Flutter with dramatic improvements.

While most mobile app developers use programming languages like Java or Kotlin, Flutter developers use Dart, which is an object-oriented language like Java. Dart controls widgets that developers can combine to design apps.

Flutter is similar to React Native and Xamarin. React Native is also a cross-platform development tool that allows developers to create apps that work on both iOS and Android.

Xamarin is a similar platform that also designs native applications.

React Native uses Java. This gives a lot of freedom to developers that use React Native, but it also increases the amount of time that it takes for those developers to design the app.

Xamarin uses C#, which is a popular programming language that Microsoft uses in its program development.

Dart, the programming language that Flutter uses, is faster and simple to use than both React Native and C#. It makes Flutter a good option for quick cross-platform app development.

Flutter also has lots of testing support. The platform makes it easy to test Flutter apps at every level, and the documentation is helpful in figuring out how to test code.

The bottom line: Flutter is a fast, streamlined choice for modern mobile app development.

Options to Hire Flutter Developer

Maybe you’ve decided by now that you want to hire a Flutter developer. But you still have to choose whether you want to hire a freelance Flutter developer, or a mobile app development agency.

Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring freelance developers vs. hiring mobile app development agencies.

What is a Freelance Developer?

A freelance developer is an independent contractor who you can hire for a single project. You will only employ a freelance developer for as long as it takes the developer to complete your project.

Pro: Freelance Developers Save You Money

Hiring freelance developers tends to cost less than hiring a whole agency. That’s because freelance developers have fewer resources than agencies, so they charge less to make their independent services valuable.

Because Flutter is so easy to use, it’s possible to hire a freelance developer to complete a single project. Even so, that will take a long time, and you’re probably better off hiring multiple freelance developers.

Pro: Freelance Developers Have Focused Expertise

Freelance developers usually have expertise in a specific area. Maybe the developer is experienced at developing task-oriented applications or using Flutter to design mobile apps, or creating programs for the web.

That means that if you choose to hire a freelance developer, you’ll want to hire a developer who has lots of experience using the Flutter platform, as well as special expertise in designing the kind of app that you want.

Con: You May Need to Hire Many Freelance Developers

When developing a complicated app, you probably can’t get away with hiring just one freelance developer.

Instead, you’ll need many different developers to fill many different roles. That can make the interview process complicated. That takes lots of time and may be more work than it’s worth.

Putting together a talented, focused, dedicated team of developers with just the right expertise is a difficult task. Before hiring freelance developers, you may want to consider whether you have the time for it.

Con: Freelance Developers Have Multiple Projects

Freelance developers have to accept many different projects to earn a living, which means that they are often working on many projects at once. This could reduce their focus on your specific project.

It’s especially important to have developers who are focused and dedicated. Distracted developers can lead to prolonged time in between contact, extensions on deadlines, and other developmental delays.

Con: Freelance Developers May Produce Lower Quality Products

It’s true that hiring a freelance developer can cost less than hiring an app development agency. But there are reasons why that’s true.

Like in most markets, paying less can mean that you get a lower quality product. It also might mean that you need to redesign your app a few years down the road.

What is a Mobile App Development Agency?

A mobile app development agency is an agency that will do the work of designing your app for you. You don’t have to hire your own project manager, designer, developer, etc., because it’s already done for you.

Pro: Mobile App Development Agencies Produce Apps More Quickly

Because you don’t need to put together your own team of developers, a mobile app development agency will be able to take your app from vision to finished product much more quickly than a freelance developer.

Pro: You Can Build a Quality Relationship With Your Team

If you hire a mobile app development agency, you can develop a relationship with your team over time. When your app inevitably needs updates down the road, your team already understands the app and your brand.

Pro: Mobile App Development Agencies Have More Resources

Freelance developers only have whatever equipment or resources they happen to have.

On the other hand, mobile app development agencies have lots of different equipment, resources, and technology. They can put those resources to work as they develop your app.

Con: Mobile App Development Agencies Cost More

It’s true that mobile app development agencies cost more than freelance developers, but the extra quality and resources may make the extra cost worth it.

Best Websites to Find Mobile App Developers

There are a few different places you can look for mobile app developers.

If you want freelance developers, you should check out one of the many websites that advertise freelancers. Toptal is a good choice. Toptal started out as a place for general technology freelancers to advertise their skills.

Since then, Toptal has expanded, and now it includes lots of different kinds of freelancers. You can easily find a freelance developer here.

You could also check out Hired. Hired’s easily customizable software makes it simple to search for developers who have the right skills for your project. Generally, Hired’s developers are experienced with a level of expertise.

Upwork is a more general freelance website. You can find lots of different kinds of freelancers, including freelance developers. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that freelancers on Upwork will have much experience.

If you’re looking to choose from mobile app development agencies, you can find a helpful list on Clutch. Clutch’s list assigns a rating to each agency. This can be a good way to compare agencies to one another.

You can find a similar list on Goodfirms. Here, you can look at different mobile app development agencies, including their ratings and reviews.

You could also check out Appvales. Appvales is dedicated to providing its clients with quality, focused mobile app developers.

Skills Required for Flutter Developer

Here are some of the basic skills that a Flutter developer needs:

  • Design skills
  • Ability to write code
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Research skills
  • Development skills
  • Programming skills
  • Knowledge of the Flutter platform
  • Knowledge of Dart (programming language)
  • Experience in app development
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of Android Studio or VS Code

Take note of the fact that a Flutter developer needs certain skills that a general app developer doesn’t need. For example, Flutter developers need knowledge of the Flutter platform, as well as a knowledge of Dart.

Interview Questions to Ask Flutter Developer

Not sure what to ask a potential Flutter developer? Here are some questions that you should ask during the interview process.

Hard Skills

You need to figure out whether the developer you’re interviewing has the hard skills necessary to do the job. Here are some questions you can ask.

  • How familiar are you with Git?
  • What’s your background in computer science?
  • What experience do you have working with the Flutter platform?
  • How comfortable are you writing code using the Dart programming language?
  • What’s your experience with Android/iOS app development?
  • What are some examples of apps you have developed using Flutter?

Soft Skills

There are also multiple soft skills that a Flutter developer needs. You can ask these questions to figure out whether this developer has those skills.

  • What’s your process for solving problems while developing apps?
  • Can you give an example of a time when you had to work with a difficult team member?
  • What is the most important aspect of communication in a team environment?
  • What are your steps to conflict resolution?
  • Can you give an example of a time where you had to come up with a creative solution to a difficult problem?

Flutter Developers Salaries in Different Countries

According to PayScale, the average Flutter developer salary in the United States is $74,000. That means that hiring a single Flutter developer, even a freelance developer, will cost you quite a bit.

But you might want to consider outsourcing your flutter development to Ukraine. That’s because in Ukraine, the average salary of Flutter developer is only $20,000.

That’s right. Outsourcing app development to Ukraine could save you $54,000 all by itself.

Appvales is a mobile development company based in Ukraine. That means that Appvales has some of the best Flutter developers in the world, and they’re available at some of the lowest possible prices.

If you’re thinking about hiring a Flutter developer, you should definitely consider a Ukraine-based company like Appvales.

Outsource Flutter Development to Appvales

By now, you might be sold on the Flutter platform. You want to design a beautiful app with a simple interface, and you want to hire Flutter developers to do that for you.

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge and develop a Flutter app, you need to find the right developers. Why not try Appvales?

There are lots of different examples of apps that Appvales has successfully designed for their clients. Finderscope, for example, is an app that helps users learn more about books before they buy them.

Additionally, Appvales developed MateMatikTutor, which is an app that teaches its users more about math. The app has a simple, elegant design that helps to keep its users motivated.

Another app that Appvales developed is called Docomondo. This app helps its users to keep their files and paperwork organized.

Appvales also designed an app called Joe Doe. It’s an app that manages and organizes your contacts. The design is meant to make it easier to keep track of your contacts, and to stay in contact with them.

The best news is that the tech stack at Appvales includes Flutter. So if you’re really excited to build an amazing app using the platform that Flutter has to offer, Appvales has you covered.

Even if all you have is a bright idea, you should contact us and let us know about it. Together we can make your app a reality.