Custom Ad Management Software Development for Facebook Ads Automation

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February 4, 2024
Custom Ad Management Software Development for Facebook Ads Automation

Are you looking for new ways to improve the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising strategies and achieve the best possible outcome? Today, with the help of Facebook ads automation tools, marketers can automate thousands of ads with just a few clicks. According to recent research, 77% of users notice increased conversions after implementing marketing automation software.

Ad management software helps you connect to the right audience easier and faster. However, developing ad management software can be tasking both financially and time-wise. To keep up, most companies outsource this project to software development companies in Eastern Europe.

Appvales is one of the leading software development companies with vast experience building, designing, testing, and deploying complex software, ad management solutions included. Leveraging our expertise, in this article, our experts will explore adtech features and the best online advertising management software for Facebook Ads Automation.

How We’ve Built an Automated Facebook Ad Management Software for Our Client

The goal of the project was to automatically adjust Facebook ad rules in any situation.

Facebook Ad Rules is a free advertising solution for all Facebook marketers that allows you to design automation formulae for executing an action automatically when specific conditions are satisfied. Those conditions in your automated rules are verified on a regular basis, meaning they are ever active, which helps you better manage your Facebook Ads.

In this particular project, the user has to authorize with Facebook ads account and then create custom periodical rules that were aware of Facebook data. So, the rules can be set at any level of the Facebook ad hierarchy, including the ad account, campaign, ad set, and the creation itself.

Only items on the same level can be associated with a single rule. The rule had to adjust input data from a user (e.g. advertisement price) in case if some outcome is changed (e.g amount of clicks or views are getting low) automatically.

Tech stack:

  • Front-end: ReactJS, Vue.js
    We utilize the ReactJS or Vue.js frameworks to build the most user-friendly user interface. It has a straightforward structure and is simple to comprehend.
    As a result, bringing on a new developer to our team at the last minute has never been an issue. It’s especially useful when a product is rapidly growing and we need to constantly add new members to the team. This is exactly what we did while developing the Facebook ad management software.
  • Back-end: Python, Django REST Framework
    Python codes can be developed and implemented considerably faster than other programming languages due to their ease of use.
    The Django REST framework is a strong and adaptable platform for creating Web APIs.
    The main reason we chose Django REST Framework is that it simplifies serialization. Models for our database are defined in Django using Python. While we can execute raw SQL, the Django ORM takes care of the majority of the database migrations and queries.
  • Database: PostgreSQL;
    PostgreSQL allows us to securely store enormous amounts of data. It also aids us in the creation of even the most complicated applications, administrative duties, and integrated environments.
  • Cloud infrastructure: DigitalOcean;
    DigitalOcean’s cloud services help us launch and scale apps that run on different types of devices at the same time.
  • Containerization: Docker;

Containerization makes it possible for us to construct and deploy apps more quickly and securely. So, Docker allows us to bundle and run a program in a loosely isolated environment.

  • Background tasks processing: Celery, Redis

We leveraged Celery and Redis applications for task-queuing and message storage. We used Celery to execute asynchronous computation workloads and execute scheduled tasks produced in the Django REST framework. We used Redis, on the other hand, as storage for tasks and messages.

What are Facebook Automated Ads?

Facebook Automated Ads helps advertisers to target their desired audience with tailored content automatically. An AI-based software optimizes this ad campaign with little human involvement.

With automated ads, you don’t need to guess which content resonates with your target audience. Instead, it gives you complete control of the creative process while also leading you to the best possible result, reaching the right customer with the ideal content at the right time.

When you sign into the Facebook ads tool and set your campaign objectives, the software will automatically generate personalized ads for you. These automatic ads will learn what works best over time and make suggestions and modifications in real-time.

Features of an Automated Ad Management Software

Here are the functionalities you should look out for when acquiring a Facebook ad automation tool.

Social Media Automation

The social media automation feature is vital as it presents a convenient way to schedule posts in advance.

You can also publish content across multiple social media channels, repurpose popular content, curate trending content, and seamlessly track engagement on content posts.

That way, you remain online 24/7, maximizing the effectiveness of your social media campaign.


Any adtech software should also be able to manage, maintain, and filter customer data seamlessly. With the segmentation feature, you can classify your target audience according to their similarities.

This helps marketers devise and implement relevant strategies to promote their products to the target market.

Databases, for instance, can be segmented using ad software solutions based on any combination of devices, behaviors, referral sources, locations, and other demographics.

Lead Management

A fundamental feature of any ad automation software is lead management. It’s the process of capturing leads, tracking all of their interactions with your company (such as email, chat, and website behavior), qualifying and engaging them until they buy your product.

With the lead management feature, you should be able to:

  • Identify prospects
  • Track their progress through the sales funnel.
  • Monitor potential buyers.
  • Personalize content and increase sales outreach.


Security is vital to protect user credentials, company systems, software applications, and other sensitive information from unauthorized access.

While most marketing platforms are cloud-based and provide easy access to your resources, security features such as single sign-on and two-factor authentication can help you protect user data from third-party interception.


Through the support feature, users can constantly interact with the customer service team for any issues. For instance, you can type a single term or a whole question into the support icon to access all related support materials.

Even a short downtime can cause heavy business losses — so this feature provides dedicated support and a troubleshooting team around the clock.

Dynamic Content

The dynamic content feature allows you to display a variety of content tailored to your target audience’s demographics..

For instance, you might change the CTA on an automated ad to better match the user’s needs, encouraging them to complete a desired activity or goal.

Native Integration

When developing an ad tech software, you’ll need to integrate it with your existing systems like social media channels, email, CRM, etc., to maximize its impact on your business results.

The native integration feature allows connectivity between existing applications, allowing for better functionality and performance optimization. It also helps you create ads that are highly contextual to the native system.

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to experiment by sending two different versions of an ad to your target audience to see which engages best. This helps you optimize your campaign and develop more relevant content that improves your sales results.

Automated Ad Management Software Development Benefits

If you are considering developing an adtech software for your business, you can enjoy lots of benefits. They include:

Scale faster and easier

Facebook advertising automation frees you from the endless loop of a launch-pause-relaunch routine so that you can scale your campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Ad automation software is a specially designed application where you can easily create and manage your creatives for multiple ad accounts. You can create automated rules that can help you supercharge well-performing campaigns and weed ineffective ad sets, attracting more customers and generating higher revenues.

Saves time

Marketing automation software is a great boon for saving manpower hassle. You can quickly copy and change campaigns and then plan them for efficient dispatch.

An adtech software helps you avoid time-consuming manual input, saving hundreds of hours creating and managing campaigns. You can also create automated processes that can help you weed out underperforming ad sets, allowing you ample time to concentrate on what works. This frees up some spare time for you to do other tasks.

Take quick, automatic action

The buying process is complex, so automating your marketing makes it easier to deal with multiple prospects at different points in the sales funnel.

Just as a machine is more efficient than a human in terms of mechanical tasks, Facebook Automated ads will outperform any marketer in terms of daily Facebook advertising activity, among other things.

Therefore, ad management software provides automatic actions that allow you to quickly achieve various business objectives, such as driving more traffic to your website or generating more prospects.

Advanced reporting and analysis

Facebook stats are just the tip of the iceberg. The platform’s analytics dashboard doesn’t say much about the performance of your content.

To track marketing spend and optimize your automated ads for the best ROAS you need measurable data. Facebook automation tools track and monitor your campaigns with precision for detailed marketing reports. Through them, you gain advanced insights and analytics that aid your marketing decisions. Over time, your optimized ads will give you the most qualified leads with the minimum ad spend.


Personalization is the main reason more companies are choosing to automate their marketing campaigns. Marketing automation software helps you add a personal touch to your campaigns, differentiating your brand.

Furthermore, creating personalized digital campaigns helps build relationships and improve the customer experience. For instance, you can segment your target audience, then deliver a campaign with slightly different but highly customized messages. Since each of these messages is relevant to each segment, you will realize better engagement.

And under the premise that true marketing delivers the “right product to the right customer at the right time,” customized automated ads considerably increase your chances of success.

Existing Facebook Ad Automation Tools

Advertising has evolved, and today’s publishers can create and manage several ad campaigns for internet businesses to increase conversions and earnings seamlessly and effectively.

Below are some of the best tools you can use to create and manage automated ads on facebook:


Revealbot is an AI-powered facebook ad automation tool that is fully integrated with Slack, one of the fastest-growing instant messaging tools for team management. Leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms, the tool gives you live updates on the progress of your campaigns.

Revealbot is a fantastic Facebook ad management tool that automates all of your tasks in a single interface. All of this so you can sleep well and focus on other important aspects of your business.

It’s no secret that data visualization is an excellent tool for detecting patterns. Reveal Bot has a useful graph feature that lets you graphically compare two metrics from your campaign.


Connectio is a powerful set of tools aimed at improving the effectiveness and flexibility of your Facebook ads. The platform provides vital tools that improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, so you don’t waste money targeting the wrong audience.

With Connectio’s AI infrastructure, you can increase sales, conversions, and track them. It also offers a variety of marketing automation products. Connect Audience, Connect Leads, and Connect Automate are all proven solutions for increasing conversions on Facebook Ads by a significant percentage.


Zalster is an application that brings forth a solution to human inaccuracies. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the application uses advanced algorithms to optimize your bids, budgets, targeting, and advertising to bring you the best results.

Zalster has a dashboard where you can see the current status of your campaigns. It also provides real-time updates via Slack.

Split testing, for instance, is one of Zalster’s most useful features as it allows you to easily split tests for both manual bids and conversion events. By dividing up different ad groups, you can determine which variant offers you the lowest cost-per-acquisition before scaling.


Ad fatigue is a common problem that can drown your marketing efforts and make a campaign less effective, which is bad for business. However, ReFUEL4 is a great tool that can address this issue and take Facebook ad automation to another level.

ReFUEL4 is an automation tool that leverages AI for predictive analysis. It provides insights as to which creatives are ideal for a certain campaign. It also predicts how long your target audience will remain interested in your campaigns.

The application uses a wide network of freelancers who specialize in creatives. So, once the campaign reaches this threshold, ReFUEL4 automatically switches to a new ad, breathing new life into your campaign.

Furthermore, this ad automation tool can easily detect underperforming creatives, automatically switching to others that resonate better with the target audience.

AI Target

AI Target is ideal for marketers looking to scale campaigns from under $ 25,000 to over $ 400,000. The application uses artificial intelligence to help marketers analyze, optimize and scale their Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

With the help of automation, AI Target marketers can manage bids and budgets. They also do this for complex campaigns designed with numerous creatives for various locations and different target groups. Besides, the application offers advanced data integration and enables you to measure your campaigns based on key metrics such as customer LTV.

AI Target has a friendly support team that responds to marketing and technical questions within hours.

Although a free version is available for smaller campaigns, it only includes 1 automation. For complex international campaigns where measuring ROI is problematic, the AI ​​Target team can create a solution tailored to your needs.


FunnelDash is for professional e-commerce advertisers, agencies, and internet marketers who want to disclose sales and advertising information automatically using dynamic panels and split reports.

Funnel gathers all advertising data from all online marketing platforms, organizes it, and maps it so that you can analyze ROI across channels.

It outperforms other messaging platforms in terms of reporting since it interfaces directly with Facebook Ads and allows you to trigger FB conversion events as tracking travel through your funnel.

FunnelDash is a great ad tech software because of how easy it is to implement the desired service. It’s easy to get things going continuously once you have a prospect. But maybe the golden ticket here is that you can have an assistant do the maintenance.

Create an Adtech Software With Appvales

It’s no mystery that Facebook is among the most profitable advertising platforms today. However, if you’re running many campaigns, keeping tabs on all of them can be challenging, tiresome, and time-consuming.

At Appvales, we have talented developers with years of experience creating functional ad management software solutions. Our focus is on client satisfaction and we have a great portfolio to back that up.

With us, you get great product development and project management services at a reasonable price. Contact us to get a quote today.